RESCA Shortly

RESCA – Renewable Energy Solutions in City Areas

Aurinkokeräimet | Uusiutuvan energian pilottialuea RESCA rakennusvalvonta OuluRESCA is a climate and environmental project implemented by the six largest cities (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Oulu and Turku) in Finland. RESCA is funded partly by Tekes, the Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation and the project is executed between the years 2012-2014. The goal of RESCA is to create common operating models and to exchange the best practices of the pilot projects with other cities. The joint project is intended to intensify the development of the renewable energy technologies and to promote spreading the good solutions to other cities, to the whole country and to develop them into business models. RESCA project will promote reaching the cities’ climate goals and will create new possibilities to industries and businesses.

The pilots in different cities are related to several technologies and solutions:

  • hybrid and carbon-neutral solutions of renewable energy
  • identification of impacts on the environment in town planning and land use
  • aqua thermal solutions
  • solar technologies
  • wind power
  • biogas as vehicle fuel
  • bioenergy

RESCA Goals in Oulu

  • To produce reasoned and safe concepts to guide and help builders and planners in choosing and combining renewable energies for single-family homes.
  • Concepts must be simple to use, effective and they need to be applicable to be used in building supervision office’s quality quidance.
  • Concepts need to be applicable in other cities and they need to further fullfilling the international obligations Finland has.

Actions in Oulu

The energy sources or their combinations as well as the energy-efficiency properties of new buildings will be optimised into functional entities.

In Oulu the goal of RESCA is to create concepts for choosing different kinds of renewable forms of energy for single-family homes and concepts to optimize the combinations of different forms of energies (hybrids). Also the energy efficient solutions of building to enable the use of renewable energies are being developed.  The goal is to use the developed concepts to guide new single-family home builders to using more renewable energies by making choosing them easy. Final goal is to create well proven and working solutions of hybrids.

To reach the objectives of RESCA in Oulu, the Oulu Building Supervision Office has started and is supporting the building of circa 45 single-family homes in the newly zoned area of Hiukkavaara. 18 companies are participating in building energy efficient homes with different kinds of combinations of renewable energies to the area.

For more information about RESCA Oulu, contact Aki Töyräs at aki.toyras(at)